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Help those suffering to access the life-saving treatment they need - Diagnosis is the first essential step.

Despite the genetic revolution making diagnosis of disease simpler and easier, a majority of people infected by neglected tropical diseases, go undiagnosed because these advances in technology have not been applied to the neediest cases.  

About TroZon X17

TroZon X17 is non-profit, research-based organisation, formed to address the technology gap. Seasoned entrepreneur Barrie Rooney set up TroZon X17 to tackle the challenges associated with producing low cost diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases. Laboratory operations are based in Kent and overseen by a seasoned team of professionals with Technical, Charity, Business and Legal expertise.  

The tests we create do not require electricity or specialist training for use — two very important considerations when administering care in the remote villages where neglected diseases are prevalent. Eliminating the need for complicated diagnostic equipment or procedures facilitates greater access to life-saving treatment. 

Our History

Barrie receives BBSRC Flexible Interchange Programme (FLIP) award that enables her to develop the technology to create a diagnostic test for Sleeping Sickness and other neglected diseases.

Meet the CEO
  1. Chagas Disease Biomarkers Identified and validated on blood samples

Barrie Rooney 
CEO and Founder

Barrie is an experienced entrepreneur and leading tropical disease expert who spent many years working with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Winning the  2016 Innovator of the Year Award from the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council provided the means to set up the charity TroZonX17. (Link).


Barrie’s entrepreneurial endeavours include setting up ExCyte Ltd, a biotech company that characterised new drug targets emerging from the human genome project.  


While working with Médecins Sans Frontières on a range of humanitarian projects she travelled around the rainforests of central Africa diagnosing and treating African Trypanosomiasis OR Sleeping Sickness

(See Video).


Most recently Barrie has carried out research on making accessible rapid diagnostic tests (RDT’s) for Neglected Tropical Diseases and is an honorary lecturer in Infectious Diseases at the University of Kent. She collaborates extensively with academic researchers and organisations including the World Health Organisation (WHO). Publication Doi.

Board of Trustees

Sally brings extensive experience of project management and drug development having served as Director of Drug Development at Cancer Research, UK, and, more recently. as Director of Research Operations and Business Development at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, and Barts Health NHS Trust. Sally is also a trustee of LifeArc— a life science medical research charity committed ‘to turning great science into greater patient impact.’

Sally Burtles

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