Help us bring the world’s most vulnerable closer to

the treatment they need. 

We develop affordable tests that diagnose neglected tropical diseases to help put these debilitating diseases on the road to eradication.


Neglected tropical diseases 

affect more than 1 billion people every year

The World Health Organisation have identified a group of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) for elimination but without sensitive and reliable diagnostic tests many who suffer from them will go untreated. As little profit can be made commercial companies do not invest in R&D for new products. Our research-based charity develops and manufactures easy-to-use rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for remote tropical villages and rural medical centres.

Diagnosis is the first step.

By coupling disease markers with tried and tested dipstick technology (as found in pregnancy tests), we enable the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases, such as Chagas Disease, by a non-specialists at the point of care.

Causing more than
10,000 deaths per year,
Chagas Disease is amongst the biggest public health problems in Latin America. 

"While the focus of biotechnology companies on neglected disease has been lacking for decades, we at TroZonX17 have the expertise and research network to help bridge the gap and develop tests
to connect the world’s most vulnerable to life-saving treatments.”  
Barrie Rooney
CEO and Founder 
You can help develop simple, affordable tests that detect neglected tropical diseases.

Your donation will help us to develop simple, affordable tests that detect neglected tropical diseases.

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